It’s not over

It is past six months since my beloved has left, and today it feels as though the pain I knew on day one of her being gone seemed easier to contend. As God led her to sleep I had to begin waking up. Two years of my life was dedicated to caring for her during … Continue reading It’s not over


The Legend of Crazypants

I wish I could take you all with me on a trip to the Enchanted World of Property Management. Just for a day. It's a wild ride. Like a suburban safari through the land of insanity. Today I would like to introduce you to someone we simply refer to as Crazypants. Crazypants came to live … Continue reading The Legend of Crazypants

Criminal Masterminds – Trailer Park style

Fourth of July. My husband and I thought we'd go out for dinner with two other couples we're close friends with. It's my non-treatment week so I feel pretty good. We picked a place and a time and to our surprise, the restaurant was closed when we got there! So we tried a second, and … Continue reading Criminal Masterminds – Trailer Park style