Tales from the Parkside 6 – Are You Litter Trained?


I really wish Microsoft would come up with a way for people to click the above picture and have the smell waft out of the speakers.  The aroma that went with this one was truly something remarkable.

What do you think that is in the tub? I’ll give you a hint; they had cats.

The eviction and lockout happened early last week. I went in a few days later to see what kind of damages had been done and how much it was probably going to cost to get the place ready for human habitation again.

It’s gonna be a while.

This is the only bathtub in the house. That’s a lot of poop. Probably more than a couple of days worth. And am I the only one who looks at that picture and thinks that it looks like someone was showering in there with the poo?


Yesssss, the same poop-showering people scribbled and painted the word “deth” everywhere in the house. It’s a shame that doors don’t have a spell-check function.

It’s been a truly special kind of week. I was sent out to do a punch-list for this home and all I managed to scrawl in my book was, “Tear down. Stinksssssss.”

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