Cast Down

When I was a kid I heard the legend of Dudleytown, which was a ghost town in my home state of Connecticut. Anyone who has seen the movies “The Conjuring” or “Annabelle” will know who Ed and Lorraine Warren are. Or “were” in the case of Ed, who has been deceased for quite some time now. I grew up going to their lectures and presentations. I was about ten years old when they brought George Lutz – of the Amityville Horror house – around with them on tour and I got a copy of my book signed by him.

Yes, we all now know that the Amityville Horror was a huge hoax. Even Ronnie DeFeo, who killed his whole family in the house later admitted that his lawyer told him to say that he heard voices telling him to murder his family. But at the time it was a pretty big deal to meet George Lutz and the Warrens, who gained quite a bit of fame through that story.

Anyway, I heard of Dudleytown when I was a kid, and a large part of that legend was everything the Warrens said about the place; that it was demonically infested and so forth. I was fascinated. I never did go up there myself because it would have been trespassing and the cops in the area were pretty vigilant about trying to keep people out because of some fires that had been set in the woods. The legend stayed with me even after I did some research and found out that most of the historical facts that I’d been cited over the years were completely wrong.

A few years ago I set out to see if I could write a horror novel that had something to do with Dudleytown, and with my hometown of Ridgefield. I wanted it to be a Christian horror story, because I hadn’t really come across too many of those – stories that focused on the demonology aspect of the “paranormal” and debunked the belief in ghosts, using scripture, while still giving the reader a good scare. I wanted to do it without any cursing or harsh language. I wanted to do it without any of the graphic sexual content that so many books and movies thrive on now. I knew I was taking a chance on it because the world has gone off in a different direction now, but I choose to not go along for that ride.

And I did it. I wrote the book. It’s available in paperback and for Kindle.

Cast Down – A New England Haunting



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