Words to Live By

For any of you who have been keeping up with my blog – you know what I face during my day.

I go into battle with roaches and spitefully filled commodes. And that’s on the good days.

There are other slices of my life, though. One of the slices that’s been getting bigger lately is the spiritual slice of life. My husband and I are Seventh Day Adventist Christians. We each tried out a lot of different churches before deciding to join this one. My husband was raised Catholic, and when he was young he swore off religion entirely because of it. When we first got together he told me, “You wouldn’t catch me dead in a church.”

He’s now a deacon, and does the “Children’s Story” portion of our weekly service.

Our spiritual walk together is the most important part of our life. In the last few weeks I’ve been blessed beyond measure, to be able to witness to people I care deeply about; to be able to share the truths that give me peace in my life. The deepest blessing has been to see those truths spreading that peace.

A third slice of my life is writing. Blogging is fairly new for me, so I appreciate you readers who’ve stuck with me so far as I fumble my way through things here.

Blogging is new, as I said, but writing is not. For the last nine years I’ve been writing books. So far I’ve published four murder mysteries, two co-authored works of non-fiction and a horror novel. In the works, I have another murder mystery, a sequel to the horror novel and a devotional.

The murder mysteries are a series. They’re akin to the Law and Order type of TV shows that have always been so popular. Despite centering around death, there’s no graphic violence, harsh language is kept to a minimum and there’s about as much “adult content” as you’d see in a prime-time TV show of the 1980’s. I just didn’t see any reason to compromise values I hold dear, although it may be something that’s hurting my book sales.

The works of non-fiction are ones that I co-authored with my husband (who is a prolific writer, himself). The books are called Convoking Hell and Conjuring Love. We wrote them as dual autobiographies, written in parallel, his life and mine. We coughed up every skeleton in every closet we had; sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, adultery… When we came to the Lord later in life we had a lot to ask forgiveness for.

The horror novel is my own personal favorite. It’s set in a very faintly fictionalized version of the Connecticut town I grew up in. It also includes a lot of scripture to reflect the Biblical view of “ghosts”, which is that there are no ghosts. It’s a good story, I promise; after all, demons are much more frightening than ghosts, anyway. And unlike ghosts, demons do exist. It’s also a love story. Because that’s life – love and horror go hand in hand.


The link to my Amazon author page is here – My Books on Amazon  They are all available in paperback, and for Kindle download. Some of them were written under my maiden name of LeCates, but it’s me, I promise!

Why did I call this Words to Live By? Because for every book you buy, another cockroach doesn’t have to die. At least, not by my hands. I know, I know, that’s why I don’t write poetry.


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