Rescued Angel

The following was written by my husband yesterday;

Yesterday we noticed this old girl wandering around our neighborhood. She was laying in the road. I walked over to check her condition only to have my heart sink.

She was using the pavement to scratch her back. Her nails on her feet were extremely long.

We gave her food. I put olive only on her back to sooth her bleeding road rash. She sought relief from fleas.

A call to animal control was made and then cancelled. My compassion for the dog knew that the Animal Control option was a delivery to a kill shelter. This old girl was too nice

As we put the dog in a safe haven and got ready to depart for our church food pantry ministry, I made a call to a friend. He said after food pantry he’d come collect the dog and get her to the vet.

The reports were good. ‘Angel’ is now resting at my friend’s house with 3 other dogs being pampered. She’ll need some teeth removed as well as some tumors removed to ride out the rest of her days well cared for and not being a stray.

I am thankful for my friend. He has resources we don’t have to extend a simple act of compassion.

This act of kindness is a perfect example of how God’s will redeems through the body of his church! This compassion was for an old dog. Imagine if such was focused on people likewise.

Simple kindnesses of a handful of God’s children can change the world for one forgotten creature.

Don’t neglect the power of love.



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