Cast Down; A New England Haunting

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about the blurb I posted last week from Cast Down; Remnants. The first book in the Cast Down series is already available in paperback and for Kindle (including Kindle Unlimited). This is a very brief excerpt from A New England Haunting!

Sarah bolted upright in bed, startled from sleep by something.  Her eyes blinked open wider and wider in the pre-dawn darkness of the room as a chill sliced through her.  Blacker than the natural darkness, the shadow moved about and shifted fluidly around the bed.  The smell of rotting meat permeated the air.  The sound of heavy breathing was close to her ear.  Sarah squeezed her eyes tightly shut and whispered, “God, please take this evil thing from my sight.  Please, Lord, not again.  Not again.” 

Her words hung in the silence that followed as she waited for her prayer to be answered.  Building courage, she opened her eyes to search for the shadow she had seen.  “Thank you,” she spoke in a whisper. 

The figure had departed along with the putrid smell, but a whisper lingered in the space it had occupied, Come homecome home…. come home

            With her heart still pounding uncontrollably in her chest, Sarah knew that sleep for the night was over.  She reached out for the lamp by the side of the bed, seeking the comfort of illumination.  Long buried memories clawed their way to the surface of her mind, and she struggled to keep them at bay.  She walked down the hall and through the kitchen until she once again was in the living room.  She switched on the overhead light and visually scanned both rooms as she walked quietly toward her wing chair.  Her eyes were again drawn to the answering machine and the relentlessly blinking light.  Still reeling from her abrupt awakening only moments before, and with an acute sense of dread, she reached out and pressed the PLAY button.


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