Cast Down; Remnants (cover)

A few weeks back I was working on Remnants and I was glancing back over the first book in the series (A New England Haunting) for a few details since the books are tied together. I got to looking at the cover of New England Haunting. It’s one of my favorite covers because it’s a photo of an original piece of artwork which was given to me by an artist friend. I love the atmosphere of the piece, and it fit perfectly with the book although the painting had been done several years earlier. I now have it hanging in my living room where it spooks my visitors.

Then I looked at the image I was going to use for the cover of Remnants. At the time I’d selected a photo of a creepy doll, which fit into the story because there is a doll in the story, after all. But I stopped to reconsider it because the doll isn’t really the center of the story. The story is centered around a cottage in the woods. The more I thought about it the more the cover bothered me, so I spoke with a young man by the name of Nathan St. Peter who lives next door to me; who happens to be a pretty talented guy. I described the story and what I was thinking about for a cover and he came with a beautiful piece of original artwork for me which he delivered to me last week.

Now…. to finish the writing and editing! I anticipate release of Remnants within the next week. Stay tuned because I’m pretty excited about finishing this project!


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