Ramblings of a Retired “Ghost Hunter” (part 2)

So, back to the case where I got the picture of the face in the window…. We were a group (ship of fools, car of idiots) and we were led (and misled) by this older man named Richard. Richard was a Liabetic. Richard had Liabetes and it was not a treatable case. During the same night I took the featured image here Richard was taking pictures upstairs. Now, mind you there were a half a dozen people in the house that night, at least. So, the next day Richard tells us that he’s done the impossible, he has gotten a photo of a full-body apparition the likes of which has never been seen before and he’s gonna blow the top off the the paranormal community at some presentation come up in a few weeks. He shows us the picture. I look at it and realize what’s happened – he’e captured the image of another one of our group members in a mirror in the bedroom. It’s not an apparition, it’s Pete. I pointed this out to Richard – privately so he might be spared some embarrassment.

Richard really wanted that photo to be an apparition. Richard had already told a bunch of people about it and Richard wasn’t recanting. He told me he saw his error, agreed it was Pete and then effectively threw me out of the group. He forbid a couple of people in the group to speak to me and everything.

The photo he took was PETE.

Now, I’m kind of thinking that this may have been a blessing in disguise, not just because I don’t want to be associated with someone who would knowingly and purposely perpetuate a blatant fraud, but because of what happened next.

Have you ever seen the TV show, “A Haunting”? The very next case Richard took the group to was later featured on A Haunting. The title of that episode was “A Nightmare in Bridgeport”. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2410504/ The friend I mentioned earlier, the one who recently passed away (Mary) appears in the TV episode, and I believe that this was the case that pushed things over the edge with her, resulting in her possession. The episode also features Bishop Robert McKenna of Connecticut who was a cohort of the Warrens and was included on many of their cases which also included exorcism. He was in his 80’s by this time and actually got pushed down a staircase by the spirits inhabiting the house. Right before he was pushed, Mary heard a voice saying, “Priest better watching his ______ing step.” So maybe it was a blessing to me that I wasn’t there for that case, because I’m not sure in the end that I would have fared any better than Mary did.

To be continued….


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