A Decade of Marriage

September 4th, 2010 in the back yard of our home in East Haven, Connecticut, Marty and I were married. The featured image in this post is of us standing in front of the seven foot tall cross he made for me about six months earlier from branches of a red maple tree in the yard. The Pastor marrying us is Pastor Paol, the author of I Have Seen the Living God.   The Pastor’s “assistant” was our dog, Coda.  Notice the tennis ball by Marty’s feet? Yeah, the dog kept dropping the ball at his feet, wanting to play. And Marty obliged him all through the ceremony, kicking the ball for him to retrieve. We had only about a half dozen friends in attendance and we started the cookout immediately following the vows. It was Labor Day weekend and we’d only just decided two weeks prior to get married so there wasn’t a lot of time to plan and many of our friends already had bookings out of town for the long holiday weekend. I went to the Good Will a few days before the wedding and found the white skirt and topped it with a t-shirt. I hadn’t even thought about shoes so I went barefoot. We thought about rings about a minute before the ceremony… I had a nice ring a friend had given me since her own engagement had been broken off and she just didn’t want the ring anymore, and I had a bunch of hematite rings laying around and one fit Marty so there ya go, all set. We didn’t tell his parents we were getting married. This is my first rodeo but not his. I am wife number three (but wife number one since accepting Christ as his savior, so… clean slate!) and when we did get around to telling his family a few months later I told his mom, “I figured you were tired of going to Martin’s weddings, so….”

We’d lived together for a year before we took the plunge. We decided to get married when we started our Christian walk together and were counseled by Pastor Cliffe Knectle in New Canaan that we needed to either get married or stop living in sin. We chose to tie the knot.

We’ve had our ups and downs and have seen the Richer and the Poorer, we’ve seen the Sickness and the Health. There have been times when we probably would have gleefully killed each other, except for the fact that we put Jesus right in between us. There are three in this marriage – husband, wife and God.

In 2013 we made the decision to bail out of Connecticut and head south to North Carolina. We had no real plan (because why would we?). We just packed up the truck and drove away. We had an address to head to and that’s where we stayed for a few months, in Blowing Rock. Then we came down to the flatlands and settled in Gastonia. And Kings Mountain. And finally now in Shelby where we’ve been for the last four and a half years. I’m pretty sure this is it for us. We have roots down now. Listing all the fantastic, whacky adventures we’ve had together would take me another ten years.

We were talking this evening after dinner about how we’ve never known a time before when we had so many truly wonderful friends at the same time. And most of them live right here in the same neighborhood, and are coworkers as well. Marty and I both work for the same property management company that owns the community we live in. Life here has turned out to be the more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I’m glad we didn’t throw in the towel on any of the numerous occasions when the going got really rough. Marriage is work but when you are truly “equally yoked” it’s worth every ounce of energy applied.

He knows he’s going to have a crazy work day tomorrow, so he made a point of bringing me flowers tonight. He does little things like that and I’m constantly reminded of how good this life together truly is.

Happy Anniversary, hubby…. by the way, thanks for the beautiful ring that you’re giving me for our anniversary. I ordered it last night. lol

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