Remnants – Now Available!

I’m pretty excited – both the Kindle and the paperback version of Cast Down; Remnants is now available on Amazon!

Purchase on Amazon

I started reading horror novels when I was a kid. In grade school my friends were all doing book reports on “My Friend, the Fireman” and I was doing them on “The Demonologist”.  I think I freaked out some of my teachers.

The Cast Down series is a work of fiction, but most of the people and places in the books are compilations of people and places I’ve known in my life.  Some of the situations in the books are based on actual cases I’ve been on back in my “ghost hunting” days, or have happened to people I’ve known. Yes, one of my real friends was actually pulled out of her bed by something unseen, and yes, it left claw marks on her leg. 

So, I hope you all enjoy the reading, and I hope the books result in at least a little sleeplessness….




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