Ramblings of a Retired “Ghost Hunter” (part 6)

Did I mention that the real Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann? Pretty sure I did. Not sure why they changed it for the movies. Did they think Raggedy Ann just wasn’t scary enough? Did they not want to scar young children? Did the folks who own the rights to Raggedy Ann object to them using her and ruining their branding? Could be any one of the above, or more. But I was disappointed.

Annabelle’s first appearance in the Conjuring movies was at the very beginning of Conjuring 1, and they had what was close to the real story – the two nurses who were roommates who invited what they thought was a ghost to live in the doll. I enjoyed that short version of the story. But then they made the full length movie, “Annabelle” and frankly I thought it sucked. It was just a throw-away as far as I’m concerned. Just fictional conjecture and not really scary. Now, the second movie, “Annabelle, Genesis” was pretty entertaining and had some great spooky moments. Still, nothing to do with what we have all come to accept as the “real” story, but it was good entertainment.  “Annabelle Comes Home”, the third installment was so bad I couldn’t even finish it. And I’ve watched some lousy horror movies.

But I digress…

I saw the images of Annabelle for the first time when I was about ten, and then saw the actual doll in person years later when I went to the Warren’s Occult Museum on a tour. So, the terror that doll inspires is deep-seated. There was a time in my life when I was working for a home-care agency and we used to have a giant tag sale every summer to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. One year someone donated an old rag doll that kind of looked like Annabelle, though it wasn’t a Raggedy Ann by brand. I decided that that was the year I was going to get over my fear of a stuffed doll.

I bought that doll.

At the end of the tag sale when it was time to go home I walked to my car with my own purchases and couldn’t bear the thought of driving home with the doll in the back seat, so I put her in the trunk.

And I left her in the trunk.

For two years.

Then I got rear-ended on the highway. The car wasn’t too terribly damaged except for the trunk area. The taillights still worked so I drove it home. I took it to a body shop the next day and left it with them. I gave them the keys and they offered to get the mangled trunk open for me so I could get anything that I needed out of it. I told them, “Ain’t nuthin’ in that trunk I want.  And when you open the trunk, be careful. Raggedy Ann is in there. She’s been in there for two years and she’s gotta be so pissed by now.”


To be continued…

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