Ramblings of a Retired “Ghost Hunter” (part 7)

Have I mentioned that my recently departed friend, Mary was fully equipped with a Bum Magnet?  Yeah, she was.  I’ve never seen one that was stronger than hers.  She could attract a bum from incredible distances.

One bum in particular I remember was named Dennis.  She met him online somewhere, because that always works out well.  Anyway, she met him online and then traveled a state or two away to meet him in person.  They shared an interest in the paranormal, of course.  Before I could even blink she’d moved him in with her.  Mind you, she was living with her aunt at the time, in the aunt’s house.  The aunt wasn’t particularly fond of children but she had Mary and her two young teens in the house now.  And a dog or two, which I don’t think she was thrilled about either, but there we were.

Suddenly the old lady has not just Mary’s kids in the house, she has a strange man with his kids living there, too!  I’m not sure I remember how many he had, it was two or three, but there were way too many people living in a house that only had one functioning bathroom.  Was Dennis working at the time?  I’m not really sure I ever got an answer on that one.  Pretty sure they were all living there with no income.  And, as it turned out Dennis had taken the kids, who he did not have sole custody of, and wasn’t telling their mother where they were.  Pretty sure Mary got a different version of that story at the time.

Yes, Dennis was interested in the paranormal, in a dark kind of way.  Mary brought him to our home one time for dinner around Christmas that year.  Our black lab, Coda wouldn’t go anywhere near him.  Coda lay in the doorway between the living room and the dining area and just watched him.  This was really bizarre because Coda loved everyone and everything.  Except this guy.  Anyway, Dennis used to use his little tape recorder to get EVP recordings.  He called the results, Voices From Heaven.  Believe me when I tell you that the sounds on those recordings were not from Heaven.  It was probably the most evil thing I’ve ever heard.  Over the next few weeks Dennis got darker and his kids became more unstable.  When he became more than just verbally abusive it was time for him to be on his way.  Mary finally put her foot down and told him he needed to get out, so he packed up again.

He’d brought a cat into the house, a long haired, snaggle-toothed animal.  When he was getting ready to leave Mary asked him if he was going to take the cat.  He told her he would take the cat, and he would throw it out the car window on the highway.  So the cat stayed behind.  About a week later Mary decided she couldn’t stand to look at that cat because she reminded her of Dennis.  So, yes, we would up with that cat.  We named her Fang.

Mary started finding weird things around the house after he left – tarot cards of the Devil and some kind of voodoo junk.  She disposed of all of it, meanwhile making food sacrifices to some spirit she thought of as her Gatekeeper.  It was a mess.  So, what happened to Dennis?  If you’re a Doctor Phil fan then you’ve actually seen him.  This was the dude who couldn’t stand to be in Pastor Paol’s presence at our book signing.  Now he calls himself THE Messenger of God and is some kind of self-proclaimed psychic.  He was exposed on the Doctor Phil Show a couple of years ago.  His cheese has slid completely off his cracker.

His schtick is that he gets messages from something he calls spirit, and I have no doubt that there is a spirit talking to him and feeding him information on people for the readings he does.  However, the spirit that he’s hearing has nothing to do with God’s Holy Spirit and he is deceived because of his ego.  He cusses and fusses at people who question him and tells them, “Spirit sees you lying!”  His behavior continues to become more erratic as time goes on.  This is generally what happens when you get involved in the occult, when you put your own will over the will of God.  There are a full third of the heavenly host now on the Earth, cast down here with Satan after the war in Heaven and they are always more than ready to jump in and screw with us when we wander off God’s path in our own arrogance.

More rambling later….

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