Deconstructing Tracy

Ever have those morning when you wake up and ask yourself, “So, what’s next?”  Especially when you just finish up a project you’ve been working on for a while?

Just last week I finished up the second novel in the Cast Down series.  There are two others in the series in the works right now.

New England Haunting – done, available on Amazon.

Remnants – done, available on Amazon.

Masked – still a work in progress. I’m working with someone on this book and collaborative efforts just take longer.

Seven More Wicked – I just started this one, and it picks up just shortly after the end of Remnants.

I also have a series of crime novels called “The 101st”.  There are four books in that series already; The Orchids Killer (serial killer murdering prostitutes), Fallen Angel (undercover operation goes terribly wrong), The Foreshadowing (a new partner joins with a dark past joins the team), and Turn a Blind Eye (a blind profiler comes on board to help catch a serial killer). There’s another one cooking, the working title is By Raphael Bound and it centers around killings perpetrated by a fanatical religious cult.

So, because I only have three books in the works now I’m taking on a new project, a non-fiction work called Deconstructing Tracy. Read some of my other blogs such as Ramblings of a Retired Ghost Hunter and Tales from the Parkside to get clues about this one. I promise, it will be a lot lighter than the fiction I generally write!  Life has been a wild ride; raised in an affluent Connecticut town, estranged from family, drug addiction, drug dealing, prostitution, theater, adultery, ghost hunting, life in a trailer park, guns and motorcycles… Read along, take the ride with me and let’s have a few laughs at my expense!

So, follow me here or on my Amazon Author Page and keep up with the latest!





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