I decided for sure that I wanted a revolver after shooting a 9mm at the range the other day. I’m old-school, I guess. Maybe I’m just old. I’m not sure anymore. Anyway, I decided that I wanted a revolver, which is what I had a million years ago when I was young. Young and bad-ass. Well, young, anyway.

So, I’ve been looking online, I’ve been out shopping, I’ve been calling around and dang, revolvers are hard to find! I went into one Shelby pawn shop this morning because it’s right around the corner from my doctor’s office and I was having lab work done (because I’m old and diabetic and stuff now. So, not bad-ass anymore). They had lots of empty room in the cases because apparently people aren’t hocking their guns as much anymore. They had no revolvers at all. They had a few semi-automatic pistols, but not many. They do a concealed carry class once or twice a month, so I was interested in that because they seemed like fun people. They said revolvers were real hard to come by now, though.

I went online to the big box store retailers like Dunham’s, etc and they don’t have any revolvers in stock, either. Not unless I want a .22, which I don’t. And I can’t order it online and have it shipped to the store, they are just OUT OF STOCK. So, by then I’m thinking that I’m going to have to cave and get something I really didn’t exactly want and learn to live with it. I texted my husband and asked him if he wanted to go gun shopping after work. He’d just picked up his permit to purchase as well. We were heading to Dunham’s when he suggested we check out this little gun shop on 74 in Shelby. So, we headed there first, because I KNEW that Dunham’s didn’t have revolvers.

The little gun shop did. They actually had a few of them to choose from! I went with the shorter barrel and got the .357 Ruger. My husband spotted a big honkin’ German gun. A Herter’s 401 Powermag. We put a deposit on that one. It’s totally him. I brought the Ruger home. I love it and will sleep with it under my pillow tonight. I can do that because the gun shop didn’t have any ammo for it.

Apparently, NO ONE has any ammo for it. I swear this is a strange world we’re suddenly living in. No .38 special ammo??? I’ve been looking online and seeing great deals for it, but no one has anything in stock! So, now I have something I can defend myself with if I want to club someone over the head with it.

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