Masked – Dedication

I’m closing in on the finish of Cast Down; Masked and wanted to share the dedication page with everyone, especially with those who knew my friend, Mary, and her family.

A Note from the Author

            Masked the third novel novels in the

Cast Down series.  The first; A New England Haunting was released in the summer of 2015.  The second; Remnants was released in the summer of 2020.  The Cast Down “universe” will expand further in the future, and although related, each novel will stand alone.  The working title of the fourth book, now in progress is Seven More Wicked.

            The tale you are about to read is fiction, yet it is rooted in reality.  The world of the supernatural is very real, and more dangerous than most people believe, until it’s too late.  I was involved in the paranormal for many years as an investigator/ghost hunter and have seen and experienced personally many of the phenomena and occurrences detailed in within the covers of this book.  The Cast Down novels were written not only to frighten and entertain the readers but as warnings to those who would wander in blindly where no one should tread.

            This book is dedicated with love to my husband, Martin.  Two writers living together requires a lot of patience. 

It is also dedicated to my dear friend, Mary Quirion.  Mary is the inspiration behind the character of Carrie.  Mary and I met in 2006 when we were members of a Ghost Hunting group in East Haven, Connecticut.  She was the Medium of the group, and she could see and hear spirits.  Her best friend when she was a child was a spirit claiming to be that of a little girl from down the street who drowned in a pool.  Sound familiar?  As I said, these books are a work of fiction, based in reality. 

I wish Mary was still here to read the book.  But she’s not.  She passed in August of 2020 at the age of 60.  Her body, her finances, her marriage, her whole life was destroyed as a result of her participation in the paranormal and her subsequent demon possession and exorcism about ten years ago, and her body finally succumbed to liver failure, diabetes, Grave’s disease, Lupus and a whole host of other ailments that seemed to pop up out of nowhere at the same time that the rest of her life fell to ruin.  I loved my friend very much.  She brought a lot to my life and to the lives of those around her and I miss her deeply. 

She had a mission the last few years of her life.  Her mission was to warn others of the perils of getting involved in the occult.  I hope this book is a fitting tribute to her, and is true to her mission.

Although the Cast Down series is entertainment, it is also a cautionary tale for those who would wander where angels fear to tread.  Satan took a full third of the angels in Heaven with him when he was cast down.  They now mask themselves in whatever image we find most compelling, most attractive, most enticing.  By the time we see behind those masks… it could be too late.


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