So Creepy!!!

Do you remember the movie Throw Momma from the Train? Billy Crystal plays a writer, who also teaches a writing class. His catchphrase was, “A writer writes – always!” That became one of my favorite lines, ever. And it’s TRUE! Trust me, if I’m watching TV, or driving somewhere, or even having a conversation with you, in my head I am writing something. Sometimes I’m narrating our conversations in my head, adding little phrases like, “He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts,” when you stop talking for a second. Let that sink in for a second.

My oldest and dearest friend texted me today. She finished reading my book, Remnants. What she said made me laugh. Actually, she almost always makes me laugh, but that’s another story for another day. She wrote, “OMG!!! SO CREEPY!!! I don’t know what was in the water at your house growing up that you think of these things and can keep these plot lines straight!!!” In all honesty it’s not much different than keeping up with the various story lines in your favorite TV shows. Remember watching soap operas? Come on, we all did it… we all had a favorite soap when we were young and bored. I was a CBS soap fan. I was just a kid when The Young and the Restless premiered. Pretty sure there were lyrics to the theme song that first year. Pretty sure I can still sing it and remember all the words. But that’s beside the point. Remember all the PLOTS? I can still remember who was sleeping with who and who was REALLY someone’s father. We all managed to keep track of the most ludicrous storylines ever, so for me writing isn’t really much different than that.

By the way, I hear Nikki and Victor are still at it….

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