Age of Entitlement

When did we go and get all entitled? I feel older by the day now saying stuff like, “When I was your age,” and “When I was growing up…” Because it was a different world just a few decades ago. I remember working really hard and going without. I don’t ever remember stimulus checks coming out or government money (our tax money) being so readily available to people, or being taken with such abandon. Going on food stamps? That was a last ditch thing. Really. Last ditch. You were having some serious hardships and took that money with a lot of hesitation. There was pride involved.

Did I get stimulus checks? I did. Did I use the money? Not yet. It’s still sitting in the account it was direct deposited into. I think it was ludicrous to give out money to EVERYONE. Not everyone was effected by Covid, not everyone got laid off or had hours cut. I’ve seen tenants of ours just stop working because hey, money is coming in and the government allowed them to go months and months without paying rent! I’ve seen new cars in driveways and no rent payments. I’ve seen boxes for big screen TVs by the trash bins and no rent payments. There are so many agencies out there now helping people pay for things without much in the way of proof that they’ve suffered hardship or that they’ve been trying to pay their bills.

I had Covid back in December – still paid my bills on time.

I have cancer now and am undergoing chemo treatments – still paying my bills on time. I could be taking short term disability or going for financial assistance, but I’m not. I’m still working as much as I can and if I have to cut back on luxuries then that’s what it is.

I can’t fathom the priorities of the world today. Paying for cable TV but not paying for the roof over your head? Because…. the TV is a good babysitter? The kids will go insane without internet? We didn’t have internet growing up and I think we turned out okay. Until my late teens there wasn’t even cable TV in every home. And it was okay. We had friends, bikes, dolls, board games, books… Yeah, we walked five miles to school in the snow with no shoes, up hill, both ways… and we survived. Some of us (not me, but friends) had parents who spent time with them instead of parking them in front of a TV with a tablet in their hands.

Priorities – roof over head. Car to get to work. Electricity. Cell phone – OMG suppose people had to cut back and SHARE a PHONE. That’s never been done before. One phone number for more than one person. Not being able to access a personal phone for hours at a time. OMG.

And all this sensitivity stuff. Don’t offend people. What gender pronouns do we prefer? Half washed up celebrities trying to be relevant again?

No. Just no. It’s not okay to offend someone who’s confused on what gender they “identify” as, but it’s okay to bash Christians. I’m not talking about people who claim to “identify” as Christians, I’m talking about actual practicing Christians. You want to proclaim what labels you want or don’t want, but feel free to foist this “cis” thing on me when maybe I don’t like that term. Don’t want labels? Don’t use labels.

You do you. I’ll do me. I’m old. I’m tired. Get off my lawn.


One thought on “Age of Entitlement

  1. Very good. We played outside all the time. Our TV was black and white. The reception was awful. I remember the first time I saw a color TV. Watching a baseball game with green grass on a TV was amazing to me. Life sure has changed. I feel sorry for the youth of today.


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