Cover Art – Final

This was a true group effort. The whole book was, actually. Having cancer now it was hard to finish what I’ve been working on for so long. I get that fatigue, I get that chemo-brain which makes it hard to focus sometimes. Fortunately I have an amazing team of talented friends and colleagues to help me in my bad hours!

Elizabeth M. Capalbo helped me with her Book Doctoring skills (and they are MAD skills). She fluffed and folded words for me and I love her to death for it. Then Sue Ferrara combed through for all my boo-boos.

Then came the cover. Nate and Meghan grabbed Meghan’s daughter and held her down to do a beautiful mask, which they molded and painted, then photographed. The photo then went to Best Selling Author, Luke Romyn who does amazing things with covers. Annnnnd without further ado, here is the finished product! The book will be on sale later this week through Amazon, for Kindle, in paperback and hard cover!


2 thoughts on “Cover Art – Final

    1. About a woman named Carrie who grows up thinking she is a Medium because she can talk to spirits. The spirits are actually demons wearing masks of dead loved ones, because there are no such thing as ghosts, which she doesn’t realize until it is too late.


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