Masked – Released

Finally. Done. At last. Masked is out in Kindle, paperback and hard cover now. This one was more a labor of love than the first two in the series and I dragged my feet here and there during the process for health reasons and grief.

Every book is personal but this one was close to home. The story of the character – Carrie – is actually in part the story of my friend, Mary. Mary is no longer with us. She passed in August of 2020. I know it says something like “multiple organ failure” on her certificate but I know in my heart she was killed by the occult. I know that doesn’t make sense to most people but it’s the truth. The paranormal can destroy your life, and even take it.

Mary’s story started when she was a child, seeing the spirits of children her own age. Carrie’s story begins there as well. I promised Mary that Carrie would be spared some of the agony she herself experienced through bad marriages, crazy family problems, etc., and I kept my word on that. Her story will continue in Unmasked and she is a recurring character in the Cast Down series.

I wish Mary was still here to read the book. I think she’d approve.

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