The Hour I First Believed

If you do believe in God, when did you first know you believed?

Some people grew up in church with religious families and believing was just second nature. Others grew up in the same kind of environment but then had a period of wandering and had their own real belief experience later – not relying on inheriting their parent’s belief.

Still others grew up, like myself, with no religious upbringing, no church, etc., and found belief on their own much later in life. So many different experiences and I’m really interested in hearing the stories of others.

What was your moment, when you knew for certain that God was there? That He loved you?

I believe that there is a God gene, which makes us want to seek Him. An empty place in our hearts, our lives which can only be filled with the Spirit. Some search their whole lives and try to fill it with anything they can find; relationships that turn co-dependent, drugs, alcohol, other spiritual beliefs that have nothing to do with God such as occultism. Anything to fill that void, but is there ever true satisfaction with filling it that way? Personally, I don’t think so. But that’s just me. That’s just my own personal observation.

What do you think?

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One thought on “The Hour I First Believed

  1. I was one of those ‘fortunate ones’ (can I call myself that?) who grew up in a Christian house where my parents told me everything about Jesus from a very young age. So, there is not a date to dot down … but I still have a little stone with a date (05-08-84) … at the age of 12 … where I’ve written my name on the stone with these words: “I’m a child of God”.
    I do admire people who grew up without any knowledge of God, but somehow along their way, found and accepted Him as the saver of souls.


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