A Soldier’s Progress

My husband never almost never asks me for anything. Seriously. He could be down to his last tattered pair of socks before he’ll mention to me that he could use some new socks. I won’t touch the subject of underwear. But last week he asked me to buy him a book on Amazon. It was written by someone he follows on the GAB social media platform and has respect for. Of course I went right over and bought it for him.

No. He doesn’t know how to use the Amazon account. I don’t try to fix the leaking window and he doesn’t try to order stuff online. We stay in our own lanes.

The book arrived the other day. I went to the mailbox to get it. I mention that because I don’t get out of the house much, literally. The last time I walked to the mailbox I fell and a neighbor had to help me up. It’s the chemo and it wasn’t my finest hour so I drove over to the neighborhood cluster mailbox.

Today is Saturday and we are Sabbath observers, so he took the time today to pick the book up and read it since it’s a testimonial book. He finished in about four hours. My husband never really raves about a book but he did about this one. So you can consider it a high recommendation.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book;

Not long after I became a Christian I picked up the classic “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan. I entrenched myself in this book as a brand new soldier who was completing initial entry requirements in the Army. I was also a brand new soldier of Jesus Christ who would record his own spiritual progress one day, hence the title of this book. Christianity is facing its greatest challenge of all time- commercialism and mammon theology. I gave this religious system the benefit of the doubt for many years; however thankfully, God has showed me over and over his way which is found in His Word. Many of the lessons penned in this book have taken me over 15 years to learn. It is my prayer that these lessons learned will be grasped much faster by the professing Christian church, because a return back to New Testament Christianity can be our only hope for revival before Jesus returns. Even so, LORD Jesus come!

Purchase on Amazon


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