It’s not over

It is past six months since my beloved has left, and today it feels as though the pain I knew on day one of her being gone seemed easier to contend. As God led her to sleep I had to begin waking up.

Two years of my life was dedicated to caring for her during the very beginning of the Covid Crimes perpetrated by dangerous and evil people. She was admitted into the hospital when everyone was figuring out foolish protocols of an illness and disease diagnosed as diabetes. The conclusion made no sense. Had they had just given her problems a bit more diagnosis, instead of mandating face diapers and proper distancing they may have discovered her stage 4 cancer when it might have been stage 3.

Needless to say I lost my love due to the incompetence of people that still need to be held accountable for their commissions of a massive genocide. I am one of many that have these same feelings of life loss for absurdity.

My love Tracy spent time writing copious volumes of well intended words, mingled with scripture for the purposes of bringing light to this dark and ignorant world. She was fighting her illness while she explained to her readers she’d not likely finish the work she wanted to present.

I’ve wanted to take her work and somehow finish it off for her readers. I have asked those who knew and loved her to write their own testimonies of how her light inspired them. Very few have contributed.

I did however receive a hand written letter from her oncologist for the request.  He delivered four pages of hand written reflections that affirmed my intimate knowledge of her.

Thankfully during Doc C’s care of my beautiful wife he gave instruction to have nothing to due with the gene therapy injections redefined as vaccinations of today. Both of us had medical exemptions under his care. None of it was important to her as she only counted on God to show her His will through the trial she valiantly battled.

People we love have broken my heart and in these past two days I have come to realize their truths and I have given it to God and asked Him to handle it. He compelled me to do what I have intended on doing for so long waiting on others.

My desire is to make Tracy’s life known as she inspired me and so many others while she lived.

I have read how publishers are now considering to present college books as NFT’s so that they can generate income time and again without having to produce new volumes of identical study material for one sale as new editions. Everyone resells a book at half the cost after one semester and the publishers receive nothing for it.

I do not know much about creating and NFT’s and I realized I don’t need to know.

Tracy’s work comprises everything that is consistent to being and NFT.

Her dreams and intentions are the essence of this new digital currency.

Tracy had posted to her blog;

Refusing to sit on a Cactus. 

I have the pen she ordered in my possession and that is and I’m trying to have them duplicated.

Whether or not I am correct in my thinking of neglect of government, media, and shills in the medical profession that pimped the man made Wuhan Flu means little now.  If lawsuits must happen I’ll be first to present my case.   

For this very moment I am compelled to offer her story to others as he glorified God in her last days

I hope her blog page strengthens you all as you face the darkness of this corrupted and dark world.

Love is very present in Jesus.

Mh Petry.


One thought on “It’s not over

  1. I’m so sorry to read about Tracy’s death … I missed her posts these last couple of months and feared the worst. To me, she was such an inspiration with her humorous posts (especially while she was very sick). But I imagine that this amazing mentality was only possible because she found her peace in the Lord. What a wonderful testimony from her oncologist of who “Tracy the patient” was. My deepest condolences to you who lost a lovingly and wonderful wife and may God continue pouring His unconditional love over you. Regards, Corna (South Africa)


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