Places of Magic

There are places in this world that are just magic, for whatever reason. For me, bookstores were such places of wonder and magic. I miss bookstores. I know they still exist out there but the magic seems to have dissipated. When I was a child I used to go to the Ridgefield public library a … Continue reading Places of Magic


Cover Art – Final

This was a true group effort. The whole book was, actually. Having cancer now it was hard to finish what I've been working on for so long. I get that fatigue, I get that chemo-brain which makes it hard to focus sometimes. Fortunately I have an amazing team of talented friends and colleagues to help … Continue reading Cover Art – Final

Deconstructing Tracy – teaser

Creeping ever closer to the finish line on two - no, three - books I'm writing, I thought I'd share a little politically incorrect snippet from Deconstructing Tracy. I've been seeing/reading a lot of these "Rags to Riches" stories lately. Stories of how people came up from nothing to make something of themselves despite their … Continue reading Deconstructing Tracy – teaser