A Soldier’s Progress

My husband never almost never asks me for anything. Seriously. He could be down to his last tattered pair of socks before he'll mention to me that he could use some new socks. I won't touch the subject of underwear. But last week he asked me to buy him a book on Amazon. It was … Continue reading A Soldier’s Progress


Quick Update

Just a quick update since I'm getting lots of questions lately. I have been getting chemotherapy treatments since my diagnosis of colon cancer three months ago. Chemo isn't fun, but I'm tolerating it pretty well, all things considered. I have a little nausea and fatigue but nothing overwhelming. I get an infusion every two weeks, … Continue reading Quick Update

Cover Art – Final

This was a true group effort. The whole book was, actually. Having cancer now it was hard to finish what I've been working on for so long. I get that fatigue, I get that chemo-brain which makes it hard to focus sometimes. Fortunately I have an amazing team of talented friends and colleagues to help … Continue reading Cover Art – Final