Deconstructing Tracy

Now that I finally finished the third Cast Down book I've thrown myself into working on three more books that were already in progress; a murder mystery involving a religious cult, the fourth Cast Down novel, and the darkly humorous riches to rags story of my life - Deconstructing Tracy. If you enjoy the blogs … Continue reading Deconstructing Tracy


Deconstructing Tracy – teaser

Creeping ever closer to the finish line on two - no, three - books I'm writing, I thought I'd share a little politically incorrect snippet from Deconstructing Tracy. I've been seeing/reading a lot of these "Rags to Riches" stories lately. Stories of how people came up from nothing to make something of themselves despite their … Continue reading Deconstructing Tracy – teaser

Cover Art – Deconstructing Tracy

The Deconstructing of Tracy has begun. I found the perfect piece of artwork for the cover in a folder of my own childhood artwork. Yeah, I drew that. The sad part is that if I drew it today it'd look pretty much the same. I am woefully untalented. The book is a darkly humorous look … Continue reading Cover Art – Deconstructing Tracy