Deconstructing Tracy

Now that I finally finished the third Cast Down book I've thrown myself into working on three more books that were already in progress; a murder mystery involving a religious cult, the fourth Cast Down novel, and the darkly humorous riches to rags story of my life - Deconstructing Tracy. If you enjoy the blogs … Continue reading Deconstructing Tracy


Scatter My Ashes on Richard Dean Anderson

The law may not allow me to actually do that, but that's what my final wishes are. There, I said it. For the longest time I've assumed that Marty (my husband) would be the first to go. I mean, that's still the plan, but things don't always go according to plan. He is three years … Continue reading Scatter My Ashes on Richard Dean Anderson

“My Home is CLEAN!”

"They're lyin', your honor, my home is CLEAN!" Someone actually said that in eviction court. Under oath. The home was beautiful when they moved in. I will never understand how someone can choose to live like that. I'm amazed the HVAC worked at all with all the garbage stuffed down into the … Continue reading “My Home is CLEAN!”

Cover Art – Deconstructing Tracy

The Deconstructing of Tracy has begun. I found the perfect piece of artwork for the cover in a folder of my own childhood artwork. Yeah, I drew that. The sad part is that if I drew it today it'd look pretty much the same. I am woefully untalented. The book is a darkly humorous look … Continue reading Cover Art – Deconstructing Tracy

You May have been Evicted Because….

Sometimes I post our available homes on Facebook groups, like, "Homes for Rent/Sale in Whatever County". Sometimes. I would probably do it more often except that nearly every time I post, some random former tenant will start tearing up the thread, accusing the company of having evicted them for absolutely no reason. For no reason. … Continue reading You May have been Evicted Because….

Writers – Life in an Alternate Reality

Are you a writer? Is your daily reality a little... different? The other day my husband said to me that he noticed a home in our community looked abandoned. He takes our dog for a walk all around the park early every morning and he hadn't lately seen any cars there or activity. I started … Continue reading Writers – Life in an Alternate Reality

It Ain’t Winnie the Pooh!

The next time you rent a home, I'd just like you to do something. It'll take just a few minutes, I promise. Walk into the empty home. Take out your camera or phone and take some pictures of the empty home. Smell the empty home. Does it smell clean and fresh? Take off your shoes … Continue reading It Ain’t Winnie the Pooh!

Chapter 6 – Masks and Gloves are for Losers!

Some days I get to work from home. Those are the best days of all. I can get comfy on my couch with my computer and my phone. The phone is used for texting and emails only. I despise talking on the phone. Some days I'm in a neat, clean office. Well, okay, it's really … Continue reading Chapter 6 – Masks and Gloves are for Losers!