What Do You Do?

It used to be a big thing to have a profession. To work at the same company for thirty years and retire from there and get a gold watch or something. "What do you do?" "I'm an architect." "I'm an accountant." "I'm a secretary." People in the town where I grew up in Fairfield County, … Continue reading What Do You Do?


Masked – Dedication

I'm closing in on the finish of Cast Down; Masked and wanted to share the dedication page with everyone, especially with those who knew my friend, Mary, and her family. A Note from the Author             Masked the third novel novels in the Cast Down series.  The first; A New England Haunting was released in … Continue reading Masked – Dedication

Cast Down; Remnants (teaser)

I estimate the completion of my latest project to be two to three weeks from now. The Cast Down series are books that can be read independently or in any order but are tied together by common location and characters who cross over from one novel to the others. The series is set in a … Continue reading Cast Down; Remnants (teaser)