The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

Divide and Conquer! How long has this tactic been employed? Since Satan divided man from God in the Garden? Everywhere I look now it’s what I see, over and over. Black versus White, Gay versus Straight, Christian versus Muslim, everyone versus the Police and craziest yet; Christian versus Christian. There have always been conflicts between groups but the rate of escalation in just the last few months alone has been startling.

In some parts of the country the Covid “shelter in place” practices have been much more intense than they have been for us down here in a fairly rural area of NC. We’ve been able to come and go pretty freely, and masks are not as much of a thing here as they are elsewhere. I can’t even really blame the isolation for what I’m seeing just in our neighborhood alone. The hostility of neighbor for neighbor is something we didn’t really have before this year. Attitudes are changing. People don’t seem to have even common courtesy towards their neighbors – loud gatherings outside in yards with loud music, loud voices, loud obscenities until the small hours of the morning without any regard for the people who live around them who might need to sleep for work the next morning, or have kids. Some of these people are people we know, and we’ve seen the changes in them.

Satan doesn’t have to get someone to set off nukes in order to destroy the masses. He just needs to whisper in their ears. “Did God REALLY say not to eat that?” He just needs to plant the subtle seeds of suspicion or jealousy or resentment in brother, for brother. “They did this to you, so you can do this to them!” Jesus said that we should treat people as we would have people treat us. He did NOT say to go and treat people the way they HAVE treated us.

Until we can identify who the real enemy is, we can’t defeat him.

Is it really a skin problem? Or is it a sin problem?

Imagine what could happen if people realized that Satan was the ultimate enemy?

Maybe then we could see that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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