Widow’s Point


Sometimes it’s tough to be a horror fan. We cruise the streaming services for old favorites we can safely watch (Conjuring, Exorcist 1 or 3, Salem’s Lot, Carrie, Audrey Rose just to name a few) and we look for those hidden gems we haven’t seen before.

Sometimes we get lucky and stumble upon something like The Entity (with Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver) and even though it was a low budget production with some annoying music to it, it was pretty darn good. We watched that one last night.

Some of my deal breakers when picking movies are phrases like, “When five friends…” or “…discovered footage…” or “…on a dare…” Nope, stay away from all of the above. Tonight I found a movie on Amazon called Widow’s Point, and it was supposed to be about a guy who locks himself in a notoriously haunted lighthouse for the weekend because he’s a writer and he wants to do a story on all the deaths and legends about this particular lighthouse. Now, that’s a pretty common formula. Sometimes it works, sometimes it bombs. Stephen King did “1408” which turned out to be one of my favorites, so I figured we’d give Widow’s Point a shot.

I almost turned it off after only a few minutes – it looked like a shoestring budget, and the lead dude looked a bit like Gary Busey (from his reality rehab show days) with a man-bun. But against my better judgement I left it on. Sometimes these movies can hold a pleasant surprise if you just give them a shot.

Not this one.

It cruised beyond BAD by the halfway mark, but by then I had time invested in the stupid thing and figured it couldn’t get any worse.

It did.

Seriously. About ten minutes before the end of the movie it did something horror movies SELDOM DO – it surprised me. It went beyond the cheesy formula ghost story, beyond the dude-goes-crazy formula story, and hit the “flying calamari monster” switch. Totally out of left field.

I need to soothe myself with a viewing of The Sentinel or something now to recover.

Six thumbs down on Widow’s Point. SIX.

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