Ramblings of a Retired “Ghost Hunter” (part 4)

I remember the first time I tried an EVP recording. It was in a cemetery, late at night. I did the usual question thing for a while, then just left the recorder on top of a headstone for maybe an hour while I wandered off to take pictures and such. I took the recorder with me to the gym the next evening and put my little earbuds in as I got on the stationary bike. I practically peed myself I was so scared. I suddenly wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear anything on that recording or not!

I didn’t, by the way. Hear anything, I mean. But I was plenty scared. Which didn’t stop me from going out the next night to do the same stupid thing. There was a case in Middletown that we went back to again and again. One night a bunch of us went out to get Dunkin’ and when we got back the family plus the one investigator we’d left behind were sitting at the kitchen table, just paralyzed with fear – and we could still hear what they’d been hearing, which was the sound of furniture being dragged across the floor in one of the bedrooms just overhead. There was no one up there. And there sure were some scuff marks on the floor where it looks like the heavy dresser had been dragged around.

Moving furniture is a pretty common occurrence. I remember when I was in my late teens, maybe I was twenty by then but no older than that. I had an apartment in Westport and my friend, Linda was home from college on a break. Her parents were living in a rental house in Ridgefield because they’d sold their home and their retirement home on the Cape wasn’t ready yet. Anyway, it was a creepy house. Her folks were on the Cape for the weekend so I’d brought a bag over and was going to spend the night. We were in the kitchen and Linda was cooking dinner and I kept feeling like there was someone staring at me. After dinner we were hanging out in the living room and the storm door to the porch kept opening by itself from a latched position. Then the basement doorknob (just the knob, not the door) started rattling a little. She told me, “Oh, wait until later when it sounds like someone is upstairs rearranging furniture!” I got my bag and headed for the door SO FAST. I told her if she wanted to hang we’d have to do it at my apartment, and I’d wait outside in my car for five minutes for her or I was outta there.

Of course I didn’t know then what I know now, all I knew is that I was terrified and I wasn’t sticking around for any furniture moving nonsense.

Stay tuned… I’m not done yet. lol

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