Recently I purchased a gun. I got a .357 Ruger and I love it. Seriously. I love that gun. It’s for home defense, and it’s for fun. My husband and I have started going to target ranges on Sunday afternoons and shooting and I am really enjoying it. I enjoy the time we spend together and I enjoy getting to be a better shot every time we go. He’s a crack-shot, by the way. The only drawback is that ammo is a little pricey for recreational purposes. The .38 special seems a little more expensive than the .357 Magnum but what’s really affordable is the .22.

Here in NC you can go to the local Sheriff’s office and pay five bucks, fill out an application and about a week later you can pick up a Permit to Purchase a handgun. You give the permit to the gun dealer and walk out of the shop with your gun. You can open carry without any further permitting. I’d only purchased one permit and I used it. So I went back to the Sheriff’s office yesterday – I was in there filing a Writ of Possession on a property for work anyway so it’s not like it was out of the way. I told them I wanted another permit and for ten bucks I got two more. I’m still within my 30 days so I didn’t need to apply again. I took my permits and went back to the gun shop and grabbed a little Ruger .22 (single action) that I’d seen there the other day. Inexpensive gun, cheap ammo, good times ahead at the range!

So, now I have the .357 (BANG BANG!) and the .22, which is more like…. PEW-PEW!!!! And, of course my husband’s gun which is more of a BOOM!!!!

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